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It is for that reason that she, her mother Louise, and her Aunt Yael set off on an adventure that will affect all three of them very differently. Her aunt takes on a mission to aid those in need and finds that politics play an important role in her work, while her mother is haunted by a terrible secret in her past in this mysterious land that threatens to resurface.

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These three independent Victorian women set off on very different paths while in Egypt, and readers are caught up in the mystery and excitement that each path holds. Readers will also be aware of the dangers that lurk, and I wished I could warn the ladies and steer them to safer choices.

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I enjoy reading well-researched historical fiction that can truly help readers understand not only the lives of the people during the period but also the social and politically charged atmosphere in the country where story takes place. Toggle navigation.

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Browse articles by tag Choose a tag Browse articles by Author Choose an author Scores of cremations take place daily on the riverside ghats in the city of Varanasi alone. Between January and early March, a temporary city sprang up on the banks of the river near Allahabad recently renamed Prayagraj for the Kumbh Mela festival, in which a staggering m devotees took to the river to wash away sins and human ailments. Yet the Ganges is likelier to add to the ailments than cure them. For decades, declining water volumes have been a growing worry, as hydropower dams have proliferated, wanton irrigation and industrial schemes have drawn water away and the annual monsoon has become more fickle.

Low flows not only harm the livelihoods of fishermen and farmers downstream. They also degrade water quality. Sewage is pumped raw into the stream.

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Levels of fecal coliform bacteria are off the chart. Tests from the Yamuna, a tributary which flows through Delhi, have found 1. Alarmed at the state of the Ganges, some holy men have spoken out.

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In October G. Agrawal, an environmental engineer turned guru, fasted to death as a protest. Civic pressure to clean up the river remains slight. To his credit, Narendra Modi, the prime minister, declared a clean Ganges a priority when he came to power in It was a nod to his Hindu-nationalist following. Five years on, progress is disappointing. In Varanasi, the focus is on razing a rambling old quarter to provide vistas for visiting VIP s, rather than on cleaning up the river. As for Kanpur, a city of Dickensian leather factories, the picture is dystopian. The river stinks. It is not just sewage that goes untreated into the Ganges, among whose pools children play.

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  5. So, too, do effluents from the plus tanneries, most notably chromium, a toxic heavy metal. When Banyan visited, the tanneries were supposedly closed to spare bathers at the Kumbh Mela km downstream. Yet in one ancient factory, huge wooden vats were still turning, and workers were carrying slopping buckets of chemicals around.

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    Kanpur has facilities to recycle industrial wastewater and extract the chromium. The process is said to add no more than nine rupees 13 cents to the cost of a pair of shoes. Yet a blind eye is turned to environmental breaches. Too often, says Shashi Shekhar, a former senior water official, state governments and their business cronies are more interested in constructing treatment plants than ensuring their long-term use.