Creating a Personal Protocol

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The military is full of protocol, much of what you've picked up as far as how to act at church, respecting the flag, around the elderly, and so many other facets is a part of socially acceptable protocol in those situations.

Creating a custom protocol

You can also have a personal protocol. A personal protocol helps to organize your life and help you reach your goals.

It's built with a checks and balances system so that you stay on track. I would like to encourage you to consider developing some personal protocols of your own. You don't have to be in a relationship to have protocol. In fact, a single submissive can help prepare themselves for service to a Dominant by establishing some protocol to their life. In relationships, additional personal protocols can help enhance your enjoyment of the services you provide.

It's a win - win situation. When deciding on what you want to improve in your life you have to start with a brainstorm. Sit down and write out everything you ever wished you could do, learn, explore, understand, travel, improve, quit doing, etc. List it all no matter how difficult it seems. Once you have a list, start ranking each item 1 to 5.

Protocol Buffer Basics: Java

Items with a 5 next to them are the most important, or the most desirable right now. Then step down the list to the 1's which are things that would be nice, but not super important to who you are or who you are becoming. Now that you have the tasks narrowed down it's time to pick one of them. If you are in a relationship I recommend bringing this list and your plans to your Dominant and discussing which one will be best for both of you.

Select on any way you want; draw it out of a hat You now have the task in front of you that you want to accomplish. Your next step may take the longest before you can actually begin. It involves research. Let's say, for example, that you want to manage your money better.

Perhaps you hope to start a savings fund for something special. You will want to read about and research good budgeting techniques and methods. You might start reading some money blogs and learning personal finance. Check into local colleges that might offer classes in personal finance. I've seen some banks also offer workshops. We need to enter the planning phase with some understanding about the task at hand so that we are ready to do it.

Once we have the tools and knowledge the next step is to plot it out into smaller steps.

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For the budgeting example, perhaps you first start documenting all of your purchases for a month. Then you draw up a proper budget. Start placing a percentage of your income into a savings account. Schedule and pay bills on time. This is just the start of ideas. Always break your task into smaller bits so that you can see progress faster and it will keep you going.

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I am so much appreciated the passion and care you demonstrated during the week. I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my future workplace. Thank you for the wonderful training and new skills I have. It has been an honor to be taught by the Sydney School of Protocol, led by yourself. We will be forever grateful for the skills you have given us to take through life. Favourite part of the program: 'delving into my leadership style and working on strategies to improve myself both professionally and personally' Aspects I learned and didn't know before I started the program: 'perception is everything, how to enter a room, introductions the right way and concentrating on behaviours not the person when providing feedback'.

Creating a Personal Submissive Protocol - Submissive Guide

I feel I got what I needed and more than I expected. Thank you, Julie and the team of experts for sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience by covering a series of topics ranging from communication, style, career tools and dining etiquette. The lessons were up-to-date, practical and well presented. I appreciated that Julie customized the lesson structure and communicated well to monitor the progress. I feel much more confident now with the improved skill set I learned from the Sydney School of Protocol.

A pleasure to share our latest testimonial Career Advancement Mastery Two Day Program A unique training experience with relevant content and strategies for bringing about change and improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one experience, and thought the venue was entirely suitable for the learning. Thank you so much Julie making me feel so welcome and comfortable. The facilitators offered a variety of approaches and the learning was tailored to my needs.

I appreciated the regular check ins and opportunities for reflection as we moved through the content. Indeed the session is also useful for ourselves in our daily life. The role-plays in different scenarios allow us to implement theories into real situations.

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The private session gives us hands-on trainings and instant feedback, which is way better than a group session. Four things I learnt I did not know before I started the session: 1. Sessions with the Sydney School of Protocol gave students a new confidence in their ability to effectively navigate a variety of business situations and relationships. They learnt about what it means to be a global corporate citizen, interacting with authenticity and integrity. Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world.

Every minute of the training made me more of aware of my behaviour and manners and this will help me to provide excellent service to our clients. The customers experience is paramount and creating a work ethic so everyone is on the same page to support this was invaluable. The whole program has been great and for anyone in the industry. A worthwhile investment to ensure the team puts their best foot forward in both business and social contexts.

A unique opportunity to discover the soft skills necessary to get ahead in business and social settings. Next available 12 and 26 October Register Here. A program designed for taking away tangible, global corporate soft skills that can be put in place immediately. Get in touch. Julie brings over 20 years of proven experience in building brands and transforming individuals. Her career began in education with a Diploma of Education and Teaching along with five years of practical experience.